​restoring the land & the people


Here at the Flying J Farm we also grow grain crops and hay. Like every other crop, these are also grown sustainably, no GMOs, herbicides or pesticides. For fertilizer, we use our own cow and horse manure. The typical rotation is corn, soybeans wheat and oats/hay. Most of the fields are fenced and include grazing in the rotation.

The hay is used to feed the cows as a supplement to pastures in the winter. The corn and wheat are ground together as feed for the chickens, the soybeans are cooked as additional feed for the chickens. Occasionally, a good crop of any of these grains will be sold as non-GMO commodities.

We have a seed cleaner and a small flour mill which are used to make whole wheat flour and when we grow hard wheat, we get bread flour. The mill has steel blades that provide a coarsely ground flour so we use a sifter to get flour for bread or pizza crusts. We can also use the mill make corn meal from our corn. This same mill is used to grind the corn and wheat into chicken feed.

Because of the time and effort required we do not sell flour or corn meal to the public though we use them for our own baking.