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Regular Events

 One of the methods used by the Flying J Farm to promote our philosophy is through special events and festivals for urban people. Some of these events have live music and dancing. All of the warm-weather events include a hayride back to the lake for a bonfire. Children are encouraged at all regular events. The Flying J has been called an “entertainment farm” because of its three regular events and many one-time events each year.

 Maple Sugar Open House. The first regular event of the year, the fourth weekend in February (or first of March depending on the weather), is the Maple Sugar Festival featuring tours of the sugar bush, demonstrations of identifying and taping trees, gathering sap, evaporating and bottling the syrup. Tastes of the syrup from the evaporator as well as in baked goods and pancakes are always a part of the festival.

Mushroom Hunt. Second, the fourth weekend in April is the Mushroom Hunt where we search for the exotic but elusive morel mushroom. This is the season for fresh wildflowers in the woods as well as many edible plants that can be gathered. The Flying J Farm is one place where you are encouraged to pick the flowers (except for the trilliums and creek lilies). Food is potluck featuring mushrooms.

Fall Festival. In late September or early October we have the fall colors harvest festival. This is an event to celebrate and give thanks for the rich harvest of the growing season. It includes a farm tour, potluck dinner, fishing contest, hayride, bonfire, and barn dance.

Slow Food. Another event that has become annual is the Slow Food locavore dinner called, "Shake the Hand that Feeds You". This event is sponsored by Slow Food Columbus and features a dinner using ingredients from the farm only. Slow Food is a growing international organization dedicated to preserving old ways of preparing food using local, mostly organic ingredients and then sitting down to a long-slow dinner with much friendly conversation.

Special Events



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Slow Food