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Flying J Farm CSA 2017

The Flying  J Farm, CSA 2017

In keeping with our goal to “Share the Farm” and its wellness secrets, we are opening the Flying J Farm this year to CSA customers as an educational experience as well as a chance for you to get away from the stresses of your home, city, and/or work environment and learn about gardening for health through hands-on experience in the garden. As a bonus, you will take home your share of whatever garden products are available each week. We will plan to start offering products during the week of May 1 (earlier if weather permits) and end during the week of September 30 (later if crop is available).

This year we are only offering pick ups at the farm. The cost will be $475 for a couple or family plus you will be expected to spend 30 hours in the garden, planting, mulching, weeding, and/or harvesting. For some products like green beans and peas, you may be expected to pick your own. Staff will let you know how much you will be allowed in your share. Your registration is due by April 15.  The timing of your work in the garden is somewhat open depending on your schedule, our schedule, garden needs, and the weather. We would love for some to come out to help with planting earlier in the spring before anything can be harvested. You will let me know (email works best or phone 740-967-4030) which day and time you wish to come out.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture which means folks in communities are supporting the folks who produce their food locally. You support the farmers financially but, just as importantly, you spend time on the farm helping and learning how your food is produced. Your membership does not come with a guarantee because the weather can affect the crop and you are joining the farmer in sharing the risk.

Benefits of CSA Membership

There are many benefits of membership in the Flying J Wellness Farm CSA including eating fresh healthy food right from the garden, participating in a working farm, learning where your food is coming from, and learning some things about how to prepare it. One other benefit that is worth noting is that CSA membership has been recognized by some health insurance companies as beneficial to health. At least one health insurance company in Wisconsin offers its members a premium discount equal to the cost of CSA membership for people who join a CSA!


We have added laying chickens this year and expect to have eggs to offer our CSA members on occasion depending on how they produce.

 Healthy Eating Dinners

We plan to do at least two healthy, slow food dinners using food primarily from the farm for our CSA members this year. The plan will be to schedule these during the third week of July and August. Members will be asked to bring a dish with recipe to share.

Farm Visits and the Simple Life

CSA members are invited to visit the farm often both during prearranged events and by appointment.  We had over 300 visitors last year. There is a lake for camping, fishing and canoeing, kayaking, and paddle board. There are over 5 miles of hiking and horseback riding trails.  Animals include dogs, cows, calves, horses, and donkeys. Some members consider it an outing, better  than a city park because it is a home.  The Flying J is a place where subscribers can come for simplicity, peace, and relaxation away from the hectic life of the city and maybe you will even get some dirt under your fingernails!

Off-Grid Cabin and Outdoor Kitchen

Overlooking the lake is a cabin that is offered for rent but CSA members get one overnight free during the season. The cabin offers a chance for you to experience off-grid living including sleeping cots for 6, a full kitchen, bath with composting toilet, running water and an outdoor kitchen including wood-fired pizza oven, sink, fire pit and picnic tables.

 The Garden

The garden is being planted in two areas, both have rich, bottom land soil. We have a very good growing area for vegetables but in growing anything we are at the mercy of the weather. We will do the best we can but there are no guarantees. The following is the plan for the Flying J Farm CSA garden in 2016 and the months when the produce is approximately expected to be harvested:

                       May   Jun   Jul  Aug   Sep  Oct

Arugula                                                 _____
Asparagus                 _______
Beans (Green)                                _______
Beets                                   _______
Broccoli                                         _______                        
Cabbage                                         _______
Corn                                        ___________
Cucumbers                             ________
Edamame Soybeans                    ______
Gourds                                                  _____
Leeks                                             ______
Lettuce (Many varieties)          ____
Melons (Cantalope)                       _______
Onions (yellow, red)                      ________
Parsnips                                         ________
Peas                                         _________     
Peppers (many varieties)          __________
Potatoes                                                 ___
Pumpkins                                              ___
Radish                               ____
Spinach                              ______
Squash (summer, winter)               ________
Sunflower                                ________
Tomatoes (12+ varieties)         ___________
Turnips                                          _______
Herbs: basil, cilantro, sage
dill, mint, parsley, etc.             _______________

 To join the Flying J Farm CSA Please contact us for an application.