Filet (Tenderloin)      $23.00 sold

Porterhouse Steak      $15.00 sold

Ribeye Steak               $14.00 sold

T-bone Steak               $13.00 sold

Flank Steak                  $12.00

New York Strip             $12.00 sold

Sirloin                          $12.00

Skirt Steak                    $9.00

Brisket                           $7.50

Rump Roast                    $7.95

Round Steak                   $6.95

Chuck Roast                    $6.95

Stew Beef (boneless)       $6.95

Bratwurst                         $6.95

Ground Beef Patties          $6.95

Ground Beef Packages       $6.75

Short Ribs                          $4.50

Liver                                   $4.50

Soup Bones                         $2.50

Heart, tongue, tail              $2.50

Dog Bones                            $2 each

Suet                                     $0.50

​Bones for broth 10# pack     $10.00

All of our products are grown without chemicals.  For example are eggs are truly pastured, our beef is grass-fed and grass-finished, our produce is grown with no herbicides or pesticides. Virtually all of our products are sold directly to the consumer who will eat them, very seldom do will sell to restaurant or stores. You can purchase these products at our on-farm store and at the Westerville (Wednesdays 3:00 - 6:00 PM) and Granville (Saturdays 8:30 - 12:00 AM) farm markets

Grass-fed beef

Our beef breed is Poled Hereford, nearly purebred but not registered. All cows are born and raised here at our farm on pasture with our own hay supplements in the winter. They do get mineralized salt, specifically, selenium, to add nutrients to their manure for the garden and fields. 

We primarily offer beef in specific cuts When we have extra beef we sell by the side or whole.

Beef price list per pound: 


Give us a call at 740-967-4030 or 740-817-3602 to place your order and then stop by Flying J Farm to pick up your beef.


Because grass-fed beef has less fat and more taste, some cuts need to be prepared differently than conventional beef. Steaks should not be grilled beyond medium rare and they don’t need sauce. Ask the farmer for more information on how to prepare it or see Shannon Hayes, The Grass-Fed Gourmet Cookbook (2004).

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