​restoring the land & the people

We have 100 acres of hardwods, including maple, oak, walnut, cherry, ash and hickory. With our sawmill we can custom cut these to your specifications.


OUR Philosophy

The motto of the Flying J Farm is: “Restoring the Land, The Buildings, and The People.” We believe that each of us is responsible to restore the environment in our part of the world. We also believe that some of our heritage can be seen in old buildings, old machines, and old ways of doing things when life was less complex and less stressful. Where we can, we are seeking a simpler lifestyle, using a minimum of energy. We believe that people have lost touch with those things that are essential to preventing disease. We encourage a diet based on mostly plants. This is based on the research of Drs. Mercola, Campbell, McDougall, Fuhrman, Esselstyn, and Ornish. Further, we believe that meaningful relationships with family, community, and God are essential for health and to thrive in peace and harmony with each other and our environment.

The Flying J Farm is a picturesque 250 acres of gently rolling land including 100 acres of woods, a six-acre lake, a swimming pond, three steams, pastures with cows, horses, and donkeys and a friendly dog. There are five miles of trails for hiking, horseback riding and skiing. The restored farmhouse and one barn were built around 1840.

The proprietor, Richard Jensen, is dedicated to helping people prevent illness through good nutrition using locally grown, organic foods, water, sun, exercise, and stress management through a simple lifestyle. We like to say that te Flying J Farm offers affordable health care through food. Many have found the Flying J Farm to be a place of relaxation and renewal and a source for chemical-free food, cross-country skiing, camping, fishing, canoeing, and horseback riding.

 Chemical free pRODUCE


hardwood lumber


The Flying J Farm raises grass-fed beef cattle in a chemical-free pastured environment. This meat is available most of the year in popular cuts for your dinner table. We produce beef in this way because it is healthier for human consumption than conventionally raised beef. We also, raise the beef this way because it is friendlier for the environment and better for the cows.

Our chickens are raised on grass, our own grains, and any insects they can find among the cows. 

We raise corn, soybeans, wheat and hay in a crop rotation that includes grazing for at least two years to help build the soil.


During February we tap our maple trees and make the sweetest product of the farm, pure maple syrup

The garden is planted in two areas, both have rich, bottom land soil. We grow almost anything that can be grown in Ohio. We have some perennials like apples, blueberries and grapes. Recently we are adding a food forest with other berries and fruits. 

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